Monday, February 27, 2012

180 Dream: Celebrating God's Movement Part 3

In the final installment of our 180 Dream Trilogy, we have Henry Kim, Stewart Still, and Andrew Ro share their individual stories of how far 180 has come since its inception.
180 looked remarkably different at its infancy than it does now; smaller worship space, lesser ministries, and much much MUCH fewer people. Yet Pastor Sam at that time was audacious enough to claim God's promises that we would lead hundreds, if not thousands, of people to Christ and become a global force.
Here we are, in 2012, with those dreams coming true, and then some! And it's clear to see that God came through. But it wasn't always so easy to see that vision from the start. Listen in as these three staff and lay staff members give their personal testimonies of how their paradigms of faith have shifted through the years, and be challenged to have a paradigm shift of your own.

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