Monday, April 16, 2012

The Therapeutic Gospel: How does Faith go bad so fast?

"How did you go bankrupt?" "Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly." - Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises.
In living for Christ, we often find ourselves asking this question: when and how did our faith go bad in such a short amount of time? While on our faith journeys, we gradually, then suddenly discover that the fruit in our lives is spoiled and our rate of life change has come to a halt.
Living in New York City, the gospel is more therapeutic than it is an antiseptic. We want to be soothed and massaged, rather than really healed, which requires pain and discomfort.
Today, in your own sickness and sinfulness, do you want a fake placebo or real medicine? Where are the places where you need hard Truth to come and painfully, but genuinely, change your life? Listen in to find out.

Foundation Series: How to Become People of Substance

Character is not just about information or knowledge–it's about putting that into practice and actually living it out.
This week in our SI campus, Pastor Joe talks about a season of our lives where our character will be put to the test. Without character, we will never be able to love who we want to love or become the people we want to be.
Do you want to become a person of substance? If so, where are the places in your life where God is testing your character? Listen in to find out.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Beyond Lost Easter Service

Rated: "SP" for strong profanity.

A totaled car beyond repair. A messed up painting beyond reworking. A burnt piece of food beyond re-cooking. Sometimes, even the most skilled mechanics, painters, and chefs cannot save an item that is past the point of no return and unable to be redeemed.
This Easter, we see two individuals so wicked that we'd easily pass them off, saying, "Well, not even Jesus Christ could save them!"
But as we watch their story unfold, we will see how they were completely saved and changed by the blood of the Lamb. The truth is, no one is really Beyond Lost and His resurrection is not for the well, but for the sick--in other words, you and me.

PhotoBooth: The Bennetts

This Easter in Staten Island, 180 Media Group & 180 Church presents our newest PhotoBooth where we see and hear the story of how a Jewish mother, a Christian father, and the daughter in between, all came to discover a life-changing revelation of Jesus Christ. The story begins with Sarah Bennett, the 17-year-old who first came to Christ through 180 Youth. Having experienced incredible life change, she wished the same for her mom, Mimi Bennett, who was raised in a deeply Jewish heritage. After several months of praying for her, Sarah invited Mimi to church where she began to attend and slowly, the obstacles that kept her from encountering the gospel began to fall away until she crossed that cultural chasm to become a person of faith. For this Jewish mother who was so set in her own ways, beliefs, and culture, to become a believer of Jesus Christ was nothing short of a miracle for both her daughter Sarah and her husband Charles. To see their mother and wife find transcending peace and let go of crippling worries through the love of Christ, it increased and strengthened their faith. It is our hope that as we enter this season of celebrating the Resurrection and further explore this powerful story, it increases and strengthens your faith as well.

Monday, April 2, 2012

From Cheap Grace to Kick-Ass Grace!

Cheap Grace is selfish, entitled, and incredibly douchey. It says, hey, we're effed up anyway so we might as well keep sinning because God will keep forgiving us. Why bother? God will come through eventually and help me out.
But Kick-Ass Grace says, I will repeatedly get my ass kicked and go through whatever hardship it takes so that I can actually become a deeper person and look more like Christ.
Which one is filling your life today? And better yet, which do you WANT to fill your life today?

Inviting Others to the Party of Christ

Breaking the ice at parties is not the easiest thing to do. People are awkward, shy, and prefer to be wallflowers. It usually takes that one daring person that's willing to make a complete fool of themselves to warm up the place and allow everyone else to loosen up.
In the same way, Christ is throwing the a party. As Easter approaches next week, who are the people and where are the places that God is calling you to liven up the atmosphere so that your friends, family, and loved ones can be invited to the greatest party of all time?

Stop Lying to Yourself Before It's Too Late!

In life, there are many things that we cannot change. And yet, we complain relentlessly about our upbringing or unfortunate situations or uncontrollable circumstances.

What Pastor Sam is challenging us to do today, through the gospel message, is to stop focusing on the things we can't change, and put all our efforts into what we can.

A little boy or girl whines about the things they can't and don't have. But a grown-ass man or woman toughens up and works hard after the things they CAN do something about. Where in your relationship with Christ are you complaining, and where do you need to take charge?

How to Trust God in Our Worrying

Studies have shown that our 92% of our worries have nothing to do with what is real or actual. Today, what anxiety are you allowing to consume your thought life, bringing a constant tension?

This week, Pastor Joe continues to speak to us about our worries and challenges us to trust God through it all. How do we see the ridiculousness of our quirky worries, and receive the peace of God that He promises us? Listen in to find out.