Monday, April 9, 2012

PhotoBooth: The Bennetts

This Easter in Staten Island, 180 Media Group & 180 Church presents our newest PhotoBooth where we see and hear the story of how a Jewish mother, a Christian father, and the daughter in between, all came to discover a life-changing revelation of Jesus Christ. The story begins with Sarah Bennett, the 17-year-old who first came to Christ through 180 Youth. Having experienced incredible life change, she wished the same for her mom, Mimi Bennett, who was raised in a deeply Jewish heritage. After several months of praying for her, Sarah invited Mimi to church where she began to attend and slowly, the obstacles that kept her from encountering the gospel began to fall away until she crossed that cultural chasm to become a person of faith. For this Jewish mother who was so set in her own ways, beliefs, and culture, to become a believer of Jesus Christ was nothing short of a miracle for both her daughter Sarah and her husband Charles. To see their mother and wife find transcending peace and let go of crippling worries through the love of Christ, it increased and strengthened their faith. It is our hope that as we enter this season of celebrating the Resurrection and further explore this powerful story, it increases and strengthens your faith as well.

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