Monday, May 7, 2012

The Gospel of Love: Freedom From the Curse of Self-Preservation

Just like our ancestors Adam and Eve hid behind fig leaves and bushes to cover up their nakedness, we hide behind our lies and vain conceit to cover up our sinfulness. Whether a lie or a leaf, the commonality is shame, and we are ever so full of it.

All of humanity is under this curse of Self-Preservation. We lie to others and to ourselves to keep from being exposed. And as self-preservers, we want the gospel to excuse us of our mess and simply forgive us with Jesus politely saying, "Well, everyone has issues."

But that is not the gospel. The true gospel has come to shed light into the darkness and starkly expose us of our wickedness. Jesus Christ died on the cross and became cursed so that we wouldn't have to be. Today, how can the Gospel of Love save you from your Self-Preservation? Listen in and find out.

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